Staff Members

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Hayley Stueber (General manager)

Hayley Stueber is the general manager of hawkstream radio for the 2016-2017 school year. She was the off-campus promotions manager last year and has been running her folk punk radio show, The Uncertainty Principle for 3 years now. She has a small yorkie puppy named Pippin, an intense love of cheese, and plays video games in her spare time.



Angelo Esquibel (programming Director)

Angelo Esquibel became a sophomore at Cape Fear Community College after moving here from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He currently runs a show called "In the Green Room," where he interviews local and touring artists, comedians, and more. He is also a local musician, enjoys watching movies, and plays video games in his spare time.


tony singer (on-campus Promotions Manager)

Tony Singer is an all around great guy and the unofficial Deputy Director as well as the official Promotions Manager at Hawkstream. Tony wants to talk to you about bands that you like. If you are interested in contacting him about promotions opportunities his email is He also wanted me to tell you that you can also email him about bands that you like.



Leo Theodore (off-campus promotions manager)

Leo Theodore, from Chicago IL, is a junior at UNCW majoring in Business Management. Some of his interests are watching the Cubs and any Chicago sports team, going to the beach and playing basketball. Leo has a radio talk show called Jagaloon's Radio Show and is also a part of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.


Brian huebscher (Technical director)

Brian Huebscher is a Junior and the Technical Director for Hawkstream (2 years) and is the DJ of The Corner Radio Show (3 years), a show about movie and television news and reviews. His favorite movie is 8 1/2 and favorite tv show is The Flash.