Timbre - Sun & Moon
(by Adrian Yde)
Released April 7th, 2015

This two part ep which might as well be a full album really brought chamber folk to my attention. Timbre is a Nashville based folk band with a backing orchestra and choir which could silence any audience. Even using traditional musical tools such as the harp, oboe and full choir, Timbre brings new grandiose life into a classical style. Of course I would be remiss to not mention Timbre Cierpke, the lead vocalist and harpist as she brings a haunting female vocal and entirely different aesthetic to the album. Her vocal stylings are reminiscent of Florence And The Machine and in some ways also seem to be an homage to June Tabor. While Timbre has had little success in the past with previous albums, Sun & Moon has captured the attention of music lovers online. This two part ep which was released sequentially stays true to its name by having a light hearted jaunt with harp and staccato plucky vocals for the Sun. The Moon comes with a swift change of pace to a full choir of ominous vocals and longer ambient tracks which highlights the amazing ability for this group to produce symphony style pieces. As the album progresses, it begins to take on a more classical approach and while I do appreciate the choice, it left me wanting for more of the indie-folk infused beginning to the album. Definitely a great album and I plan on keeping tabs on Timbre, in hopes their music will continue to flourish.
Favorite Track: I Am in the Garden
Rating: 8/10