Bastille - Wild World
(by Brian Huebscher)
Released September 9, 2016

I am a huge Bastille fan since I listened to Pompeii. This album blows me away because they once again came back with a sound that digs into my ear. I don’t have a favorite kind of music but I just listen to whatever sounds good. This album is an earworm. It also mixes samples of dialogue to parts of the song and it flows perfectly with the music and helps it instead of hinders it. Some of my favorite songs on the album are Snakes, Warmth, Glory, Lethargy, and the Anchor. I could list most of the album, but I picked some of my favorites. I picked a lot of the ones I listen to while riding my bike because the tempo of the song is fast enough for my riding but the album also plays much slower songs for those who want to sit in their chair and read a good book. The only two songs on the album that I don’t like are Fake it and Good Grief but I even let them play sometimes because of them being earworms. I thought after Bad Blood, they couldn’t come out with a better album but Wild World blew me away. If you like what I have to say on music, listen to Hawkstream on Tuesday at 5pm to hear me discuss movies and television.