Dreams - Gabor Szabo

Album: Dreams

Artist: Gábor Szabó

Year: 1968

Genre: Jazz, Third Wave

            In my opinion, any type of music can be improved when you fuse it with jazz.  This concept seemed to be primary compositional tool around which Hungarian guitarist Gábor Szabó based his short yet prolific career.

            Much of Szabó’s work can be classified as Third Stream music; that is, a fusion of jazz and classical music.  Dreams (1968) stands as a microcosm of this unique style of composition.  Presenting a combination of original compositions and reinterpretations, this album showcases Szabó’s unique style of guitar playing, which fuses American stylistic conventions with traditional Hungarian melodies.

            Dreams is as strange as it is enchanting, calming at some times, tenuously frenetic at others. This is an album that might take a few listens to get, at least for anyone who doesn’t regularly listen to jazz guitar, but once it clicks, you’ll want to dive deeper into the rest of Szabó’s discography.

Overall rating: 8.5/10