Tame Impala
By: Austin Baird – November 7th, 2016

            Currents is Tame Impala’s third studio album, released on July, 2015. Originally from Perth Australia, this is a psychedelic rock band known for frequently relying on methods such as phasing, delay, reverb, and fuzz to create a style that sets them apart from other artists. This album marks a shift in mood, and style from their previous two albums, from a harder rock to a more synthesizer heavy, pop-like psychedelic feel. While they’re a band of five, Kevin Parker, the band’s singer is actually the one who writes records and produces all of the music himself. He himself has said that he wanted to move in a different direction with his latest album to in part appeal to a wider audience and just to experiment for himself. Some have criticized him for this, but I admire his decision to go out on a limb and try something different. The first song of the album “Let It Happen” won Song of the Year in Australia, and the album’s last song “New Person Same Old Mistakes” received personal praise from Hip-Hop superstar Rihanna who also did a cover of the song in her latest album.
            While the whole album retains a feel of unity in style, there is still plenty of variety in pace and tone. Reality in Motion and Disciples has a quicker more up-beat sound; while Love/Paranoia slows things down a bit and tugs at the heart strings. And Eventually, one of their more popular songs, has a hard hitting hook that makes you (or at least makes me) want to roll down my car windows, crank the volume up, and sing along. So if you like progressive or alternative rock, or maybe more spacey or indie songs, I can highly suggest the album Currents by Tame Impala.